Repair Syringes


Repaird Syringes

Threadmaster ONE

Premium Wrap Finish


No More Spills!
No More Messes!

Excellent Color Retention


Kaleidoscope, Silk
Silk Sparkle, Nylon, Variegated
Braid &Candlelight


Slow Cure &
15 Minute


Slow Cure
15 Minute &
5 Minute


The Best Cork Gap Filler
on the Market!


As of May 2, 2019, Mud Hole Custom Tackle, Inc. has successfully completed the acquisition of RodDancer Fishing Products and its brands, which will be folded into the ProProducts product offering. This transition will be seamless without any disruption of supply to distributors and customers.

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Optimum Flow Epoxy

Optimum Flow Epoxy - 15min is a 2-component Epoxy liquid specifically designed with gap-filling qualities in mind for the rod builder who requires an extremely strong bond with a slightly longer working time than are 5 min epoxies.

Perfect for mounting all components including grips, reelseats, buttcaps and tip tops. Optimum Flow Epoxy-15 provides a super strong bond with no added fillers that can be fished in as little as 20 minutes.

Optimum Flow Epoxy-15 is an absolute necessity for the high volume production shop or Large Scale OEM where time is money, or for the casual builder who’d rather be fishing than waiting on their epoxy to cure. We are VERY excited about this product, and already have several OEM's using this system for their production rods....GREAT STUFF!

Available in sizes: 4oz., 8oz. - larger quantities available by request.

Optimum Flow Epoxy - Slow Cure is a 2-component Epoxy liquid specifically designed for the demands of adhering fishing rod components.

Designed for adhering parts which do not have optimum fit, or may require the filling of slight gaps, Optimum Flow Epoxy provides excellent gap-filling characteristics, and will not shrink or crack once cured.

Optimum Flow Epoxy is 100% waterproof and will not crack or peel, and remains super strong and extremely flexible under the most extreme conditions. Structurally bonds Carbon, Fiberglass, Bamboo, Cork, Foam, Wood, Aluminum, Nickel Sliver, Nylon and much more. 30-40 minute potlife, cures in 6-8 hours.

Available in sizes: 4oz., 8oz. - larger quantities available by request.

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Epoxy Trays

Expoxy Trays


Copano, Burnt, Laguna
1/2" thick rings
1/4" thick rings

(Regular and Lite)
Excellent Leveling &
UV Protection


1-Part Urethane Finish



Smooth and Threaded


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